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Ademo Foundation

The United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development recognizes the value of inclusive education: “..Guarantee inclusive, equitable and quality education and promote life-long learning opportunities for everyone” (SDG 4).

The Spanish Disability Strategy and its 2014-2020 Action Plan constitute the national benchmark for public policies in this area. Its main objective is to reduce the dropout rate and increase the percentage of people with disabilities in higher education by supporting education centers in the process towards inclusion and awareness of the educational community.

According to data from the State Disability Observatory (OED), during the 2017-2018 academic year there were 219, 720 students with special education needs, and 16.6% of them were enrolled in the Special Education modality. One of these centers is the ADEMO Foundation Special Education College. The ADEMO Foundation, based in Madrid, is dedicated to supporting and giving opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities and promoting their full inclusion into society. The Foundation currently manages an Early Childhood Care center (serving children from birth to 3 years old), a Special Education Center (offering adapted teaching to students ages four to 21), two Occupational Centers (where adults with disabilities carry out paid work), a Shelter (where adults with disabilities live independently in small groups, supervised by professionals from the Foundation), and a Service Group (which provides entertainment for users of all ages).

Currently, the Special Education Center serves 75 students with mental disabilities and serious developmental disorders. The school facilities receive basic support form the Administration and donations from various entities and companies. Among other items, the Special Education Center receives equipment for the proper care of students.

Aware of this situation, in February 2017 the collaboration between the two Foundations began by supplying special school furniture adapted to student needs for the dining room. 

This made a significant difference in the day to day life of their children because, due to the particular characteristics of their physical and psychic disorders, they needed specially manufactured adapted material. 

To continue our contribution, Oceano Solidario has provided the School with a special relaxation room to treat students with TGC (Serious Conduct Disorder) during the crises that they occasionally have which disrupt the normal dynamics of teaching activities. This room was inaugurated in January 2021.

We hope to continue collaborating to support the present and future of this group of children.