OCP – Ocean Capital Partners

Building Hope

The works are already underway and our goal is getting closer. After two years, we are proud and happy to announce that the construction of the Nagakhommasan High School of our Hope School has already begun.

We want to thank the solidarity effort of our collaborators, the Ocean Infrastructures Management (OIM) team who has taken charge of the design and, of course, that of Ko Ye and all the inhabitants of Nagakhommasan.

The works are being developed through a participatory construction model in which we work hand in hand with the families of the village, who actively contribute by providing their labor. In order to make the most of available resources, all the human and material resources used are Burmese, all of them coordinated from Madrid with the help of Ko Ye.

In the following link you can find more details of how the day-to-day construction was developed: Twante Ngakhommasan School Construction.