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Case Study

IGY Málaga Marina

The Port Authority of Malaga outsourced a MegaYatch Marina in piers nº1 and nº2. This exclusive Marina will host ships 300 feet long and will start operations by June 2021. Quality and Security are the main management issues. To ensure quality of service and secure facilities this new Marina ill operate digitally thanks to the definition and automation of the management processes necessary for its operation.



300 ft

PUERTO PICASSO MALAGA is one of the owners of IGY Malaga Marina. This new Marina is under construction and will be managed by an IT network designed by OIM.

Works included:

  • Operational procedures
  • Energy procedures
  • Facilities
  • Procedures
  • Power network
  • Facilities network
  • Communications network
  • Commercial software
  • Project implementation
  • M&O Service