OCP – Ocean Capital Partners

Fighting COVID-19

The crisis caused by Covid-19 is drastically changing our lives and everything around us. This critical situation is especially affecting our elders, who are most affected by the consequences of this virus.

Aware of the problem, and given the exceptional situation, we did not want to remain with our hands crossed. With the intention of helping as much as possible to minimize the impact of this virus, in Océano Solidario we have decided to collaborate with the Madrid Health Service and the Boadilla del Monte City Council with the aim of saving the greatest number of lives.

This new collaboration has been based on the donation of equipment, such as refrigerators and printers, so that the logistics center installed in the Boadilla del Monte Environmental Classroom can operate in the most effective and safe way possible. The facilities where the new center is located, provided by the City Council for the duration of the crisis, serve as a logistical base to carry out the transfer of older suspects or confirmed by contagion from the residence in which they are to their reference hospital.