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We Invest In Long-Term Sustainable Value

We invest in long-life, high-quality assets and businesses in the port and maritime industry.

We are focused on investing and managing in long term concessions, with and unparalleled attention to the the creation of added value to the end customers.

OCP is the largest independent operator of passenger terminals in Spain.  Our portfolio is solely focused on assets in the port industry. Among its strategic partners is the most specialized manager and investor in megayachts marinas in Spain.

Fast Facts

  • Our team is comprised of more than 150 professionals specialized in the port sector.
  • Focused on Marinas and Passenger Terminals.
  • Proven successful track record in winning industry tenders.

Our Difference

  • Hyperspecialization in the ports and maritime industry.
  • 40+ years of experience in the sector.
  • We manage through a 360º approach: providing specialized services to our assets, through their entire lifecycle.

Where do we Invest?

Our Assets

Eurogate Group

Headquarters: Málaga, Spain
Sector: Passenger Terminals
Concession Period: 2016 / 2046-2056

OCP is the concessionaire, manager, and controlling shareholder of the Malaga Maritime Station. Since it was awarded it’s concession in 2016, OCP has managed to position the port of Malaga as a national benchmark in the industry; being important to highlight the exponential growth in passengers, the implementation of new national and international passenger lines, and the addition of complementary passenger services in order to offer high value added services. This has caused a significant growth, achieving historical figures and passenger records.

Maritime Terminals of the Strait

Headquarters:Algeciras, Spain
Sector: Passenger Terminals
Date: 2020 / 2028

Terminales Marítimas del Estrecho (TME) originated from a consortium of passenger terminal managers led by OCP. In 2019 it obtained a seven and a half years license for passengers and vehicles, in the port of Algeciras. This is one of the most important ports in Spain and Europe regarding freight and passenger traffic. Through this new management team and the different strategies that have been implemented, it has been possible to increase the traffic of passengers and vehicles annually, reaching historical figures of more than 4 million passengers and 1.5 vehicles.

IGY Malaga Marina

Headquarters: Málaga, Spain
Sector: Passenger Terminals
Date: 2016 / 2046-2056

IGY Málaga Marina, is the last project in which OCP has embarked. This involves the creation and management of a Mega Yacht Marina in the port of Malaga, jointly owned by OCP and IGY, the world’s leading operator of luxury marinas. This marina will occupy an area of 19,189 m2, and have 31 berths for yachts ranging from 30 to 100 meters in length. With an investment of €8.56M, it is expected that this marina will have an annual economic impact of €6.62M, generating more than 800 jobs directly and indirectly. This will position the city of Malaga and its port as a key tourist destination.

Marina Aucanada

Headquarters:Algeciras, Spain
Sector: Passenger Terminals
Date: 2020 / 2028

In 2020 OCP obtained the concession of the Port of Aucanada for a period of 21 years. OCP will Manage the construction of the marina in Alcudia, Mallorca, an ambitious project involving an investment of more than 7 million euros. The concession of this marina includes the construction of three docks, with capacity for 161 yachts with a length of between 10 and 20 meters. This project also implies the development of the land area at the port, including shopping areas and restaurants, a sailing school, car parks, green areas and promenades.

Oil Deposit Corunna

Draught of over 25 meter
Already built 390 meters long jetty
Total land plot of 178 hectares
Inner water surface of 264 hectares

Ocean Capital Partner is an active shareholder and manager of Oil Deposit Corunna (ODC) team of companies. ODC’s purpose is to create the pan european intercontinental transshipment oil hub (not dedicated to the hinterland). This will be done by providing an improved alternative and solution as a gateway without limitations, thus creating value to our customers by introducing logistic solutions and reducing logistics cost directly and indirectly. ODC is located in the new gigantic Corunna port infrastructure, with an investment of 1 billion euros, creating the most modern European deep-water port on the Atlantic coast.

Almudena Albarran

Leader of our company's asset manager.

Send us any comments, questions or suggestions and as soon as we receive them, we will respond to your inquiries. We are always happy to help.

Oil Deposit Corunna

  • Draught of over 25 meter
  • 390 meters long jetty
  • Total land plot of 178 hectares
  • Inner water surface of 264 hectares

IGY Malaga Marina – Malaga (Spain)

  • Investment: 8.56 M Euros  
  • Jobs: +100

Marina Aucanada – Mallorca (Spain)

  • Investment: 7M Euros  
  • 30,000 m2 of water surface 
  • 17,000 m2 of land Surface

Terminales Maritimas del Estrecho – Algeciras (Spain)

  • Passenger Traffic (2019): 4,000,000 + 
  • Vehicle Traffic (2019): 1,500,000 + 

Eurogate – Malaga (Spain)

  • Investment: 1 M Euros  
  • Passenger Traffic (2019): 400,000 
  • Vehicle Traffic (2019): 70,000