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Next Destination: Myanmar

Today is a very special day for us. We want to introduce you to our next project in Ngakhommasan, a small rural village in Twante (Myanmar). Twante is a town belonging to the Ragún region, where only 70% of the child population continues their studies after completing compulsory education.

Through Ko Ye, a local guide, we have learned about the problems of the boys in the village to continue their training and receive Secondary Education, since there is no school nearby and they must travel to other towns by traveling long distances on foot.

To solve this situation we have got down to work and set a goal: to build a Secondary School in Ngakhommasan. With the effort and support of our founder, the financial consulting firm Ocean Infrastructures Management (OIM), our collaborators, Ko Ye and the rest of the families of the village, we hope that this wonderful project will soon become a reality