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Case Study

Outline business case for the development of the deep sea port of ondo

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa, with an estimated population of 200 million in 2019, and a major economic power. Nigeria accounts for about 20% of Africa’s GDP and 75% of West African economy. Its size and dominance have not yet translated into significant trade with other African countries as export to other African countries accounted for only 12% of Nigeria’s export receipts in 2017. 

As a conclusion, advances in the improvement of Nigerian economy and infrastructure capacity are going towards the need for a deep-sea port, giving response to the current modern ship and maritime trade requirements. So, and through Public Private Partnership initiative between the federal government and private investors, a deep-sea port development project is studied in this Outline Business Case made by OIM.






The Outline Business Case for the Deep sea Port at Ondo State looks for the development of Nigerian economy and pretends to link with major trade routes through the western coast of Africa.

Works included:

  • Project Justification
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Initial Port design
  • CapEx
  • Port Operations
  • Risk Analysis
  • Financial and economics
  • Appraisal
  • Recommendations for project implementation