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The port authority of málaga grants the concession of the megayates terminal to island global yachting and Ocean Capital Partners

IGY (Island Global Yachting) and its Spanish partners, Ocean Capital Partners, will be able to start work on the megayacht dock at docks 1 and 2 of the port of Malaga.

The Malaga Port Authority has approved, in its Board of Directors, the administrative concession for the occupation and operation of the megayacht dock. So. IGY, Ocean Capital Partners and the local partner Domingo de Torres will be able to start work on the new terminal, which, as it was advanced a few months ago, is planned for docks 1 and 2 of the port of Malaga and which will begin in October.

It should be remembered that in the spatial scope of the concession, it has a water surface of 41,484 m2 with the corresponding land area of ​​4,830 m2, which means a dock length of 770 meters. It also includes the building located in the southernmost part of La Farola, as well as two attached plots. The total complex has 745.27 m2 for reception, registration, control and other complementary services to meet the demand for this activity.

The leading international company in the world of marine management, Island Global Yachting (IGY), thus begins its expansion in the Mediterranean area with the incorporation of IGY Málaga Marina, something that represents a great qualitative leap for the yachting sector. high-level marinas and for the nautical industry in Spain, one of the sectors that are best positioned to continue fighting the crisis caused by Covid19, due to the particular characteristics of this type of vessel.

Likewise, there is no doubt that this ambitious project will contribute directly to the economic boost of the city, something that in these delicate moments is more necessary than ever.

IGY, as well as its Spanish partners, Ocean Capital Partners, will finally be able to carry out the exciting project of transforming the existing marina into a benchmark marina for megayachts and superyachts from all over the world, putting at their disposal the opportunities that a city like Malaga it can offer: a network of connection with the whole world, an extensive cultural offer, leisure, climate and quality of life.

The project contemplates the creation of 31 berthing points for vessels between 30 and 100 meters in length. The world’s leading international marine management company, Island Global Yachting (IGY) and the company specialized in management and investment in maritime and port assets, Ocean Capital Partners, are part of this project, betting on the Port of Malaga as an enclave strategic for high-end nautical tourism in southern Europe.

As the Managing Partner of Ocean Capital Partners, José Luis Almazán, reminds us, “Pier 1 of the Port of Malaga will become a benchmark for high-standing nautical sports in the Mediterranean, aligned with the main megayacht marinas in New York , Miami and the Caribbean ”.

In this sense, and taking into account the vessels with an average length of 51 meters, an annual impact is estimated -with the installation
filled with just over 104 million euros, which will contribute to the economic dynamism of the territory, as well as the creation of a total of 809 jobs adding direct, indirect and induced jobs.

The marina of the Port of Malaga will accommodate boats up to 100 meters in length, services and entertainment for the crews, as well as 24-hour security, waste management, personalized attention and catering, catering and leisure services and all kinds of direct services. aimed at making the stay in its facilities a unique experience and a world reference in the field of this type of marinas. It will also include the concierge service and VIP attention and with an electrical supply capacity suitable for larger boats.

Transit ships, such as those that usually make their crossings to the Atlantic, will have a meeting point where the service of all their activities will be guaranteed, as well as the charter companies that decide to establish themselves, in the same way as the service and industry companies. assistant. Let us remember that the proximity to Gibraltar, as well as to Malaga airport, will facilitate mobility at all times.

IGY Málaga Marina is the third marina of the international company in the Western Mediterranean, adding to the other 17 that it already has
from Miami, Santa Lucia or New York and after the launch in 2019 of the Marina of superyachts in Sète -in the south of France-, as
recalls IGY Marinas CEO Thomas Mukamal.

The port of Malaga and the city remain determined to commit to large projects that continue to position this Andalusian city in one of the territories where the quality and excellence of nautical, cruise, cultural and gastronomic tourism make a difference and a consolidation of a Cosmopolitan and advanced Malaga.


IGY Marinas is the most important international marinas company in the world and a leading international meeting point for ships. The company’s network includes 17 marinas operating in 10 countries. United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Turks and Caicos Islands, Saint Martin, Saint Lucia, France and Italy, including the management of Porto Cervo, in Sardinia; with more than 10,000 vessels served each year and approximately 100,000 customers annually. The company manages 3,000 strikes serving a variety of markets, including megayachts, sport fishing, cruise ships and sailing with over 400 specially built berths to accommodate superyachts from 80 feet (24 meters) to 800 (243 meters). IGY’s marinas are a leading destination port for some of the largest yachts in the world, serving thousands of superyachts each year.

OCP is an international company specialized in management and investment in maritime and port assets. OCP is an investor and operator in marinas in Spain and in passenger terminals.

Malaga business leader deeply committed to the economic development of the region, recently recognized and awarded the Gold Medal for Industrial Development in the province of Malaga