Ocean Capital Partners

New York City Marathon 2016

Next Sunday, November 6, José Luis Almazán, vice president of the Ocean Solidarity Foundation, will run the New York Marathon to give visibility to the construction project of a Secondary School in Twante (Myanmar), where children can continue their studies primary without the need to travel long distances.

Twante is a town in the Yangon region of Myanmar. In this area there is only one elementary school for 140 children up to 9 years of age. When children finish Primary School, they have to go to another school to study middle and high school, which is impossible for most of them, given the distances and difficulties of moving around the area.

From the Ocean Solidario Foundation we intend to change this situation by financing the construction of a new building, thanks to which the minors of the region will have the possibility of extending their training period to 15 or 16 years, allowing them to increase their possibilities for personal and professional development , and notably increasing your opportunities.

To collaborate with the project, from the Fundación Océano solidario we have launched a donation campaign so that anyone who wishes to collaborate with the project has the possibility of doing so. With each donation, those who wish to contribute to the initiative can try to guess the mark that José Luis Almazán will reach in the race, and whoever comes closest will have the opportunity to name the school.

From the Oceano Solidario Foundation we wish our colleague José Luis the best of luck in his career, and we hope to be able to obtain a large number of donations with which to continue with this exciting project.