OCP – Ocean Capital Partners

2018 New York Marathon

One more year, our colleague José Luis Almazán will run the New York Marathon on behalf of Oceano Solidario. In addition, this year we have the participation of Borja de la Rosa, whom we also greatly appreciate for his efforts.

Thanks to your collaboration, last January our Secondary School became operational, serving around 150 children between 10 and 16 years of age. However, we continue working to improve and expand it to continue improving the conditions and opportunities for so many young people. We also continue with our policy of aid projects aimed at children in Spain, such as the Special Education College of the ADEMO Foundation (Madrid).

To continue with this solidarity work we need a lot of help and we encourage all those interested to make a contribution, which on the occasion of the race that will be held next Sunday, November 4, can be complemented with an estimate of the time in which our colleagues Borja and José Luis will complete the race.

The person who is closest to the real time of one of our two participants will be responsible for naming our next project.