OCP – Ocean Capital Partners

We Start Working!

Oceano Solidario was born from a feeling of love for neighbor and the desire to help those in need, sharing, in addition to material goods, our time and work with great enthusiasm.
The Oceano Solidario Foundation was founded by the financial consulting firm Ocean Infrastructures Management (OIM), belonging to the Ocean Capital Partners group, in order to give a sense of purpose to its professional activity and to give back to society part of the much we receive .
From the Foundation we work so that children and young people in situations of poverty or risk of social exclusion have access to quality education. The choice of this founding purpose arises from the teaching vocation of several of our collaborators, as well as from the belief that education is a fundamental and necessary pillar for the development of all children. Education is, therefore, an undoubted opportunity for progress, being the best way to help a group give it tools for its development.