José Luis Almazán, Vice President of Pipe in el Diario Expansión

News José Luis Almazán, vice president of pipe in el diario expansión «Port charges must be lowered until traffic is recovered« The large port investors have welcomed the latest measures approved by the Government to alleviate the effects of Covid-19 on port terminals, at half gas, as is the case with goods and completely stopped, […]

Drivers of the productive economy

News Drivers of the productive economy The merchandise traffic data corresponding to the first quarter of the year already point to a reduction of almost 5% with respect to the same period of the previous year, coinciding slightly with the first effects of the crisis derived from covid-19 and waiting to know the data for […]

New Marathon Completed

On October 13, our colleagues José Luis Almazán, Borja de la Rosa and Pedro Torres completed their participation in the Chicago Marathon, with the aim of giving visibility to our projects. As on previous occasions, a donation collection campaign was launched through which each of the participants had the possibility of guessing the mark that […]