The top-level touristic sector has increased again its activity after Covid-19’s brief stop. Therefore, the main services providers companies are starting to strive for it. A relative new nautical sector as is the corresponding to mega yatchs and superyatchs included. Lots of high level megayatch users are returning to pre-Covid activities, and rental business of megayachts and superyatchs coming again to activity. This makes a need to enlarge the offer of services to this highly specialiced segment of nautical and port services, among others, at some of the best situated Spanish Ports for this specialiced nautical sector, such as “Costa del Sol” or Balearic and Canary Islands. To host this specific kind of ships, specific quay installations are needed, mooring conditions and high quality services to be provided.

José Luis Almazán, CEO of Ocean Capital Partners, knows requirements for this specific nautical sector, that helps both port development and regional economic growth with environmental friendly actions.

Alcudia’s port renewal project

Almazán company group is in charge of the renewal Works of the old and obsolete Naval Base installations at Alcudia port (Mallorca) area, that will be completely transformed from its actual state of abandonment to a high quality, environmentally friendly area, to provide nautical services aligned with the historical nautical tradition of the area, with a very important place in history since even before the Roman times, more than twenty centuries ago, a place of undoubtedly historical nautical significance. Marina Aucanada Group will lead in the near future the transformation of this important, actually abandoned, port space, to a high level and top quality nautical space, in the benefit of the environment, and local population. José Luis Almazán Project will enlarge the port services offer upgrading the actual degraded environment area of Aucanada abandoned Old Naval Base in Alcudia Port 

José Luis Almazán

Luxury tourism in Andalusia

This growing megayacht needs has especially increased at different areas of Spain, Barcelona, Valencia, Balearic Islands and Andalusia (Costa del Sol) among others. In the Western Mediterranean Area Spain has a lot of relevant ports to provide in the near future high quality services to this growing nautical sector of megayatchs and superyatchs.

Historical Mediterranean Ports such as Malaga, Sevilla or Cadiz, in Southern Spain, or Barcelona, Tarragona, Castellon, Valencia, Alicante, Cartagena, Almeria in Eastern Spanish peninsula, or Palma, Alcudia, Ibiza, Mahon at the Balearic Islands, among others, are places with important historical nautical traditions and optimal position to provide this high quality new type of port services.

José Luis Almazán has a wide career working in luxury shipside providers services companies, as he was OneOcean Port Vell board of directors member. While working there, he helped to organize the management of the main megayacht port of Barcelona, a reference in the West Mediterranean area. As a result, this experience makes José Luis Almazán´s company one of the most reliable organizations for investors in this new nautical sector. 

The new terminal of Málaga

The new project to provide high quality port services to megayatchs and superyatchs, that the organization of José Luis Almazán is building in the Port of Málaga, for 31 new megayatchs berths, will be a reference of this type of services to be provided in the future for this highly demanding nautical sector.

Malaga megayatch Project is being developed by José Luis Almazán organization together with the first global provider of services to this sector in the world, that is IGY (Island Glogal Yatching). IGY Marina Malaga, develops under a collaboration agreement between the leader global port megayatch management company, IGY and Puerto Picasso participated by Ocean Capital Partners, a highly specialised investment company in the port sector, managed by Almazán, that will lead the transition at the port of Málaga’s first dock, that «will be a reference in ‘high standing’ recreational navigation in the Mediterranean Sea»- ensures Almazán.

The new mooring and shipside facilities will be able to host 32 yatchs of up to 180 meters long. It has been estimated that this project will have an impact of 104 million of euros on the Andalusian town of Malaga. «Before the end of the year (2022), it will be already at service«- affirms Almazán.