Shaping ports to impact the world


Ocean Capital Partners is an international company, headquartered in Madrid, specialising in port management offering a unique proposal to the market.

We cover the whole value chain within a maritime port, integrating different perspectives and skills. We pinpoint and create business opportunities that we then follow through to fruition.

We are local and global: we have a strong presence in Spain, our home market, and a solid international track record.

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End-to-end service

Given our deep understanding of the ecosystem surrounding port management, Ocean Capital Partners can offer a distinguishing end-to-end service. This includes business consulting, turnkey project services and asset and investment management.

Our company was set up as a branch of Ocean Infrastructures Management specialising in consultancy for port businesses. Our hallmark is the pursuit of integrated, sustainable, all-encompassing solutions that create added value.

Through our close relationship with clients, our assimilation of alternate perspectives and our quest for long-term solutions, we have gained a distinct comprehensive understanding of the port industry. This know-how and global vision meant we were able to detect pioneering business opportunities for our clients in which we continue to participate as Ocean Capital Partners.

We believe that investment is the best driver of transformation for maritime ports. We feel that ports cannot afford to be on the margins of global trends, given their continued role as a cornerstone of the world economy. Over the years, we have taken part in over 150 projects and have closed deals covering more than 30 countries.


At the outset, we concentrated our efforts on port engineering.

As we gained more experience, we expanded our service from a purely technical consultancy to include business advisory services and investment advice.

Some of our highlights:
The Australian infrastructure fund Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC), with 98.7 billion Australian dollars (67.9 billion US dollars) under management, and Ocean Capital Partners begin their alliance, still in force today, for the management of assets in Spain.
Ocean Capital Partners advises on the sale of TCB, the top port operating company in Spain.

As members of PIPE, the Platform of Investors in Spanish Ports, we actively participate in defending the industry’s interest ahead of legislative changes.
Malaga passenger terminal concession.
Algeciras passenger terminal concession.
Launch of Malaga superyacht marina.
Launch of Ibiza superyacht marina.


"Shaping ports to impact the world".

We transform port systems to generate a real, positive impact on society by making them more sustainable and efficient through exclusive, integrated, and all-encompassing solutions.


We work to become a benchmark in the port systems we operate in: giving advice, developing, managing, and investing in maritime assets.

Our five guiding principles outline the way we understand business, how we behave and how we act in society. We apply these principles to every decision we take:

We are travel companions

We help our clients and partners reach their goals, creating shared value and having a positive impact on society.

We are innovative and superlative

We put in the maximum effort, we pave the way, we create opportunities and resolve issues.

We are a team

Working together we transform and make an impact.

We commit and engage with others

Our involvement stretches across all levels. We work hard to set an example. By working transparently, we develop more sustainable and fair business services.

We keep our word 

Our actions are clear, integrity is our sphere. Our communication is free flowing, cross cutting and open, focussing on what is relevant.


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