Shaping ports to impact the world


Caring for the environment is part of our DNA. It is not simply about box-ticking.

We work hard to assist our clients in the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy with more sustainable ports.


We are convinced that economic change must be underpinned by seeking intelligent and cost-effective solutions to environmental challenges.

Our commitment to the global goals of decarbonising the economy drives us to work to ensure that this goes hand in hand with economic development. With this approach, we integrate sustainability requirements in every step of the value chain of our projects, regardless of the project’s life cycle.

We have a sustainable development division that includes a team working hard on the strict roadmap we must accomplish with our clients and partners, when it comes to designing and implementing these solutions. Our focus for environmental sustainability is based on the following principles:

European requirements in this area have imposed major transformations to the development model of the main port operators. We advise our clients on how to reduce their carbon footprint, remaining with them as they work towards this goal. We prepare projects following a strategy that is carried out to the finest detail, covering the selection and securing of a suitable energy mix for the set up.

This is key to increasing our clients’ competitiveness. We draw up and put in place projects that prioritise minimising energy consumption.

We provide support to obtain licenses with financially sustainable and profitable proposals.

The adoption of the right digital tools is crucial to improve the management and efficiency of our projects.

A solid background

Over the years, we have contributed to the launch of important projects from across the maritime and port value chain, covering both public and private initiatives:
We have extensive experience in the development of strategic port plans aligned with the European Union’s Blue Growth strategy: defining priorities, objectives and lines of action that boost the competitiveness of port communities in the short term and create value in the long term.

We have taken part in the planning, development and coordination of onshore power supply projects in ports such as Tenerife.

The superyacht marina of Malaga has been recognised by The World Association for Waterborne Infrastructure, PIANC, as one of 15 worldwide examples of “environmental and social design”.

We are committed to using ecologically friendly concrete in our marinas to encourage colonisation by marine fauna. We are also committed to onshore power supply systems that allow vessels to switch off their own engines while berthed.


We believe that the transformation of port systems should go hand in hand with improvements in local communities.

Our work helps ports include more services of a higher standard and which have an encouraging effect on the region. We support the local economy and job market. When fully operational, the superyacht marina in Malaga will have an economic impact of over EUR 100 million on the city itself, as well as creating around 800 direct and indirect jobs. None of this would be possible without our commitment to long-term missions. We work hard to maintain strong and upright relationships that look beyond short-term goals.

Ocean Solidarity Foundation

We set up the charitable foundation Fundación Océano Solidario in 2016 to help provide an education to children and young adults at risk of social exclusion. Our first project was in Myanmar where we built a school that provides good education to young people. Since then, we have helped build and improve schools in Spain and Senegal.
One of the foundation’s aims is to support female empowerment. Many women in developing countries are single parents or are the main childcare provider for their children. By providing skills necessary to improve their quality of life, we are giving their children the opportunity to receive a better education.


At Ocean Capital Partners we have been taking care of the capital and trust of our investors and clients for years and complying with the highest standards of rigor and professionalism.

We seek to generate value in a sustainable manner over time; our aim is to make a positive and real impact on society. Therefore, our advisory, investment and asset management processes are rooted in our ESG criteria and seeded with our values.

We follow strict compliance with legal and regulatory norms and ethical standards in the markets in which we operate.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board gathers renowned professionals from the fields of finance and the port sector. The objective of the Board is to ensure we meet our strategic objectives and to guide specific actions which will enhance our growth, profitability and sustainability.

Code of Ethics

Our Ethical Code contains the principles and norms by which all who form Ocean Capital Partners abide.


We are governed by the Quality, Environment and Information Security Management System, based on the requirements and standards established by UNE-EN-ISO 9001, UNE-EN-ISO 14001 and UNE-EN-ISO / IEC 27001.
We have also established a Quality, Environment and Information Security Management System.


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