Shaping ports to impact the world


Our team is the soul of Ocean Capital Partners and the key to our success

Counting on the expertise of exceptional professionals who consistently prioritise collective success over individual achievements, our team provides leading examples due to their experience and their cross-cutting vision of the business. Their actions are filled with a deep sense of responsibility, closeness, and commitment.


Managing Partner

José Luis Almazán

Head of Consultancy Services

Sara Blanco

Asset Manager

Ignacio Javier del Río

Head of Construction

Fernando Gutierrez

Corporate Director

Javier Almazan

Asset Management Chief Financial Officer

Carlos Gross

Head of Human Resources

Begoña Celís


Our work ethic is based on seeking excellence which showcases innovation and entrepreneurship.

We support the continued growth of skills, abilities and lines of business. Our aim is to make a positive impact in the areas we work in, where the legacy of our progress will remain.

OCP’s team of professionals are deeply committed to our clients and to the day-to-day management of projects. To achieve this excellence, we are consistently identifying new opportunities and seeking 360º results that encompass all involved parties.


years of experience of Codir members

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of employees are under 40 years old

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of the managers are female



professionals working for OCP, and 500 working at their affiliates.


Our projects allow candidates to work in areas related to their studies and personal interests. At OCP, we are driven by what makes us tick; we thrive by offering continuous training and professional workshops. Our professionals have a direct relationship with the management team and clients from day one, staying involved in all phases of the projects.

Team performance is one of the pillars of a professional culture that promotes collaborative learning and peer support. Our environment is one where loyalty and mutual trust are a given. Added to this are the values of our management team whose proximity and experience make the difference.

We do not sit still; we constantly seek to go beyond expectations, making ourselves an example for those who follow us, putting our years of experience and technical knowledge at the forefront. We face challenges with the open-mindedness necessary to occupy different positions and responsibilities. We embrace challenges and we approach them with results-orientated ambition.

We encourage continuous learning and the taking on of more responsibilities to acquire new skills. By covering the entire value chain of the port sector, we can offer professional careers that branch out into different areas, ranging from asset management and business development to specialisation in construction, consulting or finance.

We are committed to a transformation that does not unfold at all costs. We act in ways that respect our surroundings and the environment. We have design specialists that work on the implementation of sustainability and energy efficiency strategies for both infrastructure and port activities. Hence, we offer high quality services and added value through long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We recognise the importance of having a happy and motivated team. We care about the well-being of our people and encourage solidarity and collaboration among our colleagues. We are believers in the power that flexibility offers at the workplace. We also recognise the strength of team responsibility. We help to reconcile and maintain a balance between the professional and personal spheres.


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